Monday, October 19, 2009

Overactive Imagination Part 1

Are you one one of those people that finds shapes in clouds? Nothing wrong with that, right? Or what about those people that see the Virgin Mary in a hospital window, a bird dropping, or a grilled cheese sandwich? (Um, nevermind those examples. Don't get me started.) Anyhow...knowing we all have seen crazy images because we all have overactive imaginations (in a healthy sort of way), I got a huge kick out of the picture below. Do you see what I see?

First, let me explain the image.

Every Halloween, with over 800 lit Jack O' Lanterns to guide the way, visitors can take a walk through Greenfield Village and meet creepy characters associated with Halloween, our coolest holiday. The Headless Horseman. Witches. Fortune Tellers. Ghost widows waiting for their long dead husbands (it was really a dude in a dress using a voice synthesizer, but work with me here, okay?).

The building is Edison's Menlo Park Complex. Is there a better way to make a building look spooky than to cast eerie green lights on the inside? I think not! Very cool! We were encouraged to check things out on the inside by peering in the window. As I got closer to the window pane, I began to see what is quite possibly the creepiest thing of the night. With my little point and shoot camera in the dark without a tripod, I did the best I could.

I'll post my interpretation tomorrow. That will get here be-"fore" you know it.

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