Friday, October 21, 2016

Beautiful Island

Scott Kelby knows photography.  As a photographer, author, editor and technical chair for photography workshops, he gets it.

One of the projects he launched almost a decade ago is the World Wide Photo Walk. Basically, people sign on to lead a group of photographers in a given destination. All participants submit one photo to the group leader.  That leader judges one to be the best and forwards it to Kelby. He in turn judges the top 11 - 10 finalists and one grand prize winner.

Here's the rub...

There are over a 1,000 walks conducted around the globe.  Scott Kelby has the unenviable task of judging over 1,000 images.  

So, if you're waiting for me to say I led a group, you'll have to wait longer.  I did no such thing. I opted to play the tag-along on one of Detroit's Photo Walks - Belle Isle.

Sadly, the morning of October 1 was a sloppy mess. Not at all a hard rain, it was certainly misty and least at first. By mid morning, the rain had cleared and the clouds were thick. By lunch, they were gone. 

The following photos are what I would consider my better ones.  I only get to submit one for the Walk.  I chose the leave-covered steps. 

I guess we'll see where this all goes!  Global winner? Oh, hell no.  But maybe I can knock out a Belle Isle win........