Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Hot Night With A Dark Night - # 1,257

Just to further accent the idea that the Boston Beer Company is one of the coolest breweries in the country, they don't bottle only their beer.

Beginning in 1995, Jim Koch, the genius behind Sam Adams beer, began home brew contests.  In short, send the crew a bottle of your beer.  If you win the contest, it will be brewed and distributed by the Sam Adams gang.....with your face on the bottle!

As I type, I am currently enjoying A Dark Night In Munich (#1,257), a Dunkel, brewed by a chap by the name of Corey Martin.

Get this beer.

In my pint glass, this beer is hypnotizing. A nice, clear, brown color with a super, ruby cast and thin, wispy head, the aroma grabs you.  To my senses, I get dark fruit (plums?) and maybe a hint of grapes, too.  The body is not some watery slop; I would consider it medium (so they do apparently, as it says "medium" right on the bottle).  If you like malts, you'll be good here.  Plenty of malts tones are found from start from to finish.  I get hint of sweetness (brown sugar?) in what I would consider a pleasantly dry finish.  Such a good beer.

My only regret is that I am drinking it in June during a high temperature spell. It is still 86 degrees as I type this at 8:22pm. Okay it is not Dallas-hot or Tuscon-hot, but it is a bit warm, for sure.  I have to think this would be so much better during a chill in the Autumn or later winter.  But that is just me whining.  This beer is good. Damn good.  Five out of five.