Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I'm still here....really.....

Work.  Busy.

Grad school.  Busy.

Wedding planning. Busy.

Does that sum up my life right now?

Nat and I are tying the knot Saturday.  Plans are in the final phases. That has been alot of my time lately.

I just knocked off about 200 pages of reading for grad school.  

If you are at all interested, you should take a minute and checkout SketchUp software. We have been using it in my Digital Cultural Heritage class.  


The image above is my first assignment. In short, I was asked build a block to match the dimensions of the assigned house and then paste the image of the front facade on the structure.  While rudimentary now compared to later assignments, it certainly shows how much fun this software is going to be!

If you're lucky, I might make a blog post from the wedding!