Friday, August 21, 2009

Now I See Pink

So earlier today, I got my eyes checked and found that everything white, for hours, was glowing. Remember?

After having a highly productive day of bill paying and house cleaning, I whipped up a dinner (grilled chicken in a North Coast marinade and corn on the cob with a cilantro pesto) and eventually set off to Lake Erie Metropark for some evening camera work. I opted to park myself on the big bridge along the Cherry Island Marsh Trail hoping to snag a flyby of an Osprey or a Bald Eagle. While I saw both, good shots were not possible.

However, I did find that the Caspian Terns were quite cooperative. I took over 200 pics, but most were junk. Given what I experienced this morning, I find the color shift kinda cool. They would have blinded me this morning with their bright white plumage. Tonight, they were a soft pink in the setting sun.

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