Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Sometimes, you just get burned out a bit and don't feel like cooking much. Tonight was one of those nights. Sure, I could have gone out but then I would be spending money (which I am trying to save right now), so I was looking to stay hone and do something easy and light. I did just that.

Cous-cous with dried cherries and pine nuts. Huh? Cous-cous is nothing more than a funny little pasta. Pine nuts are, well, nuts from pines. Cherries? I'm sure you know what they are, but did you know recent studies have shown that they lower levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in rats?

Wait....don't think about that last one too hard....

So, what more could you want than something that is done in minutes, tastes great, and dare I say it, is good for you?! And what should one pair with a cherry-based dinner? Why, a cherry beer, of course!

Ultimately, I found the Derailed Black Cherry Ale from the Erie Brewing Company to be fair. A pale red but clear drink to the eye, the smell of cherries was all over it, as you would expect. On the palate, I found it sort of tasted like marachino cherries, but not too sweet. You would think that some sweetness might kill you here, but didn't. I found it politely refreshing. A light malty finish rounded out a fair beer. Three out of five.

A great simple meal. And not just for rats.

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