Monday, March 23, 2009

Pistons and Porters

I have a friend who knows Dave Bing. Really. Dave Bing. If you're not sure who he is, here is a clue. And another one. So, as you might guess, he follows Piston's basketball and has really good seats. Or, he knows people who have really good seats. You can see where this is going, can't you?

After experiencing my first ever Wings game a few months back, I kept the trend alive and got a chance to take in my first ever Piston's game Friday night. We were only about 15 rows back behind the visiting teams bench, courtesy of connections via, .....Mr. Bing. $175 seats as I understand it.

Many of the bigger names on the Piston's roster were not playing. Rasheed Wallace, Allen Iverson, and Rodney Stuckey were all out for various reasons. Shortly before the game, Michael Curry, the Coach, called me on my cellphone. Since, Mr Bing, couldn't dress for the game, Mike was hoping I might be able to help. Losing three starters can be rough for a team that is, quite frankly, struggling. He was hoping I could dress and lend a hand, but I couldn't do it.

"Wow, Mike, thanks, but I'm here with friends. I can't help ya. Sure the Clippers suck, but you'll be all right. That guy that looks like a hobbit next those other guys...Bynum?...yeah, he is ready for break out game. Dice is
always solid, so don't work about him. And, I have a good feeling if you dish out to that tall white guy with the pony tail, he could drop threes all night. Post up. Move the ball. Sink free throws when you can. You're good".

During the second quarter, things were no looking good, but by the end of the of the first half things were starting to turn around a bit. Maybe Coach Curry took my advice? Final score? 108-90. I'll take the credit for this one, too. Still no consultants fee.

As I right this, I am enjoying beer species #555 - Honey Porter from the Motor City Brewing Works. While the meaning of the penguin on the label is a mystery, the beer isn't. I think it would be fair to describe this porter as almost typical. Dark, almost black with a tan 1/2" head. You probably knew that. Malty aroma? Yeah, you probably knew that, too. But, maybe the strong chocolate and sweet aspects of the aroma would catch you off guard. It did me. Pleasant body with a good balance. Dry finish. The honey seemed to straddle the taste and finish. I think it might be what made this a porter that is indeed different from the rest. Not "super crazy wow!" different, but certainly not your typical porter, either (so far as I can tell). Not a bad beer, I guess. 4 out of 5.

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