Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Call from Lady Justice

So to save a few bucks a few months back, Natalie and I ditched most of our cable stations.   We figured we were basically paying for a bunch of TV stations that we rarely watched.  With school bills and such, we figured every bit helps, right? 

That said, we still have cable.  It's just the bare-bones package.   One station (I currently don't recall the name...) seems to play endless loops of Law and Order and its various spin-offs (of which there are millions).   It's always on! 

Of course, any legal show will have story-lines involving a jury, right?

Ahh, the jury. The coolest component of our legal system.  A trial to be judged by your peers.  How neat.  

Well, it may finally be my turn. No, not to be judged, but to be the jury. A few days ago, I received a jury summons.  This is only my third one. Ever.  

The first time I was excused as I was snowed in up north and could not get to the court house. 

The second time I made it as far as the court room. As I recall, the plantiff had moved in with his girlfriend and over a period of months, put about $50,000 worth of labor and materials into her home.  When they broke up, he felt he was entitled to some of that money back.  I was eventually dismissed. It was decided that my dashing handsomeness and suave behavior would be a distraction to all parties involved.  They had secured the complete jury before they even asked me any questions.  I never even saw opening arguments.

So what happens now? Well, we'll see. 

Let me be clear -  I want to do this! I really do.  Will it be a Kwame-style, month-long, duel of legal maneuvering?  I'll have to wait and see.  Maybe I'll get to see Geoffrey Fieger in action.

I do know this - if I'm selected, you won't hear a peep from me.  I've seen enough Law and Order to know how that works!

Cue the music!  Duh-dunn.  Da-da-da dah Daaaaah.  Duh.dunn.  Da-da-da tah-dah-duh daaaaa Duh dunn......

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