Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hang In There, Bob

In between work, home duties, wedding planning and graduate school, believe it or not, I have had a few minutes to watch the Olympics now and then.  

It was very early on that I saw this.....

My first reaction, spoken to Natalie, was basically this - "What the hell is wrong with his eye?"  Note the singular by the way - when I first saw him it was only his left eye that was looking bad.  

Now they are saying that he has an eye infection and wont be anchoring the Olympics tonight.

Ah yes,  eye infections.

Been there, done that, Bob.

Back in my younger days, every fall, I was plagued by them. 

During my junior year of high school, it seemed like my eyes were swollen shut. My eyes in my senior pictures are so puffy I look like a smoked a joint the size of a hot dog.  

I recall vividly from my freshman year in college a brief conversation. There was a knock at the door. The guy had the wrong room number but took one look at my eyes and asked me if I had any extra pot to sell. 

Yes, folks, it was that bad.  

Ugh.  The feeling of sand in your eyes.  Blurry vision from massive tear production.  Puffy lids so bad that you feel almost blind.  I even developed minor corneal ulcers.  Cripe, the whole experience was just misery.

Looking back (ha-ha), it is obvious the wrong problem was being treated. My eyes were a side-effect of brutal seasonal allergies.  Eye doctors were trying to treat my eyes when we should have been treating my allergies AND eyes.   During my college freshman year, after three years of misery, a full-blown allergy regimen was started. Five thousand injections. Pills that would choke a horse. Yup, that was me.  

Now, I'm all good. Better living through chemistry!

As for 'ole Bobbo, he is in a world of grief right now.  

Hang in there, Bob. 

(Note - this is a re-post.  I found a comment here this morning. It was deleted but I somehow have to re-do the post? Whatever...)

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