Sunday, January 5, 2014

Awww Poopy......

Well, they did it, dammit.

The banner popped up on the Eastern Michigan University website stating that classes for tomorrow (Monday, January 6th) have been cancelled due to weather.  

Radar Michigan Region

As I look out the window here, snow is piling up in an impressive way.  Inches already. Dozens of feet more expected. Okay, not that much, but we're getting hammered pretty good.  (It worth mentioning that the storm in the radar image above is NOT moving west to east.  It is basically moving from the southwest to the northeast. All of that dark blue in Indiana is heading our way!)

Speaking of getting hammered, one might ask what I could do during tomorrow's snow-day. I was scheduled off from work so I'm already not working.  Nat is off, as well. I suspect I might try and get up a tad early and brew some more beer.  We have been really enjoying our Brooklyn Brew operations for this past year. I bottled our Winter Wheats lat night and I just whipped up the Coffee and Donut Stout a few days ago. I have ingredients for another stout and an IPA, as well.  

With all the snow on the trees, I suspect I could gear up with my snowshoes and camera before wandering the woods across the street. That could be quite fun.  Lots of snow on trees using black-and-white exposures can be quite powerful.

Of course, it all depends on what Nat might want to do. After all, we're engaged now and I have forfeited all decision making abilities.  Her butt is not sore after our day of cross-country skiing at Willow Metropark.  For her very first time on skis, she did pretty damned good.  I was impressed. Seriously.  I suspect she might be game to wander the woods while I take pictures? We'll see. 

I hope this doesn't foreshadow my successes in grad school. I was really looking forward to getting the semester started!  I was all ready with my lunch box, #2 pencils, and permission slips.  I hope nobody tries to take my lunch money. 

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