Friday, September 20, 2013

Bowels Brewery

Here in the Midwest, one of the top breweries is Bell's  Brewery. Starting with 15-gallon kettle in 1985, they have grown to employ over 200 people in 18 states. As any beer guy/gal can tell you, they do well.  As far as I'm concerned, you can't go wrong with their product.

According to this story, a 61-year old Texan was recently getting crocked but he declined the notion that he was drinking.  His wife and others thought he was sneaking sips when no one was around.

His trip to the Emergency Department, where he blew a 0.37, apparently tripped off some medical professionals.  After locking him in a hospital room (and confirmed he had no alcohol hidden on his person), they tested his blood alcohol content over a 24-hour period. 

They confirmed, just by eating, he would end up drunk.

If you had been following along with my last two blog posts (here and here), you would have a simple understanding of brewing.

To summarize, sugars come from grains.  Yeasts eat sugar.  Yeasts burp carbon dioxide.  Yeasts pee alcohol.  Interested parties drink yeast pee.  Interested parties have fun. 

The Texan?  Brewers yeast had set up shop in his guts.  Just the act of eating would make him drunk.  By ingesting starchy foods (like pasta), the sugar was providing food for the yeasts. Its called Auto-brewery Syndrome. There have been a few cases here and there in the medical records.

I don't like that name.  Too technical.

Lets go with Bowels Brewery.   

As an aside, think back to the brewing process.  If this guy's guts were going great guns with alcohol production, were was all that carbon dioxide going.....

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