Friday, November 11, 2011

Nice Day

This past Sunday, I had the chance to spend some time in the park.  A few highlights...

On the drive in, I found this Red-tailed Hawk perched in a tree.  He just sat there without a care in the world. They are usually quite jumpy.  Looking at his left leg, you can see the band. Believe it or not, part of it is readable in my original photo!  I contacted one of the local banders and it turns out he banded it that morning! 

This Golden Eagle made a nice pass.  White in the wings and tail with a clean trailing edge.  It was born just a few months ago.  Boy, you can really see those golden feathers on the back of his neck (hackles).  A stunning bird, no doubt about it!

After the watch petered out, I made a short trip to the shoreline at the south end of the park.  The Long-tailed Duck was just a bit too far out to get a shot, but this Ruddy Duck was within spittin' range.  I don't think I have ever been so close to one!

The temps this morning are probably the chilliest so far this season. Yesterday, we even had some of those big gloppy snowflakes.   I'll be gearing up shortly with camera in hand. We'll see what happens. 

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