Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Turkey Burgers (With Pears And Sage) and #1,008

Goofy burger combos are starting to become just as fun for me as goofy pizzas. With friends and family, I gave another burger recipe a go using Mastering the Grill.

I won't give all the details away, but it goes something like this. Grill and wedged pear and onion. Chop 'em up and mix with fresh sage. Make 8 turkey burger patties (with good stuff mixed added including apple butter). Pile the pear/onion mix on one patty and make a "patty sandwich". Grill it and serve on a "upscale" burger bun.
Damn good.

I mean DAMN good. The apple butter really adds a nice sweetness, too.

Add grilled squash and a simple rice dish and you have a quite a meal.

Sadly, the beer did not live up to my hopes. The Drifter Pale Ale (#1,008) from Widmer Brothers was a bit of a let-down. The slight off-white head which was a bit thin, but not a big deal. The hop aroma was subtle - very subtle. Any hoppiness on the palate fell away pretty quickly leaving you kinda disappointed. I fall short of saying "dull" but the beer was almost lifeless. 2 out of 5.

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