Monday, June 13, 2011

She's Gone

Today, after getting home from work, I flopped on the couch to watch the news a bit. I was struck by a sad story.

The Liberty Belle is gone.

Sadly, the Belle crashed today in Illinois.  Apparently, a fire was reported shortly after take-off.  Reports suggest that all seven crew got off safely.  A video can be seen here.

While over 12,000 B-17s were built, only 50 or so survive.  A fraction of that are still flight capable.  Now the total is one less.

I rummaged through my photos of the Thunder Over Michigan airshow from last year.   She was there.

While the first one is "recycled" from the original blog entry (that's her in the front), the others are from my "archives" (I don't know what else to call 'em).

Another historic piece of our country's war past is now gone.  


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