Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I have reviewed Saison style beers before. I generally like them. The Stimulus Ale (#564) here as the FSB is no exception.

The color is a warm gold (as best as I can tell in the dim light). Even if it were pitch black in here,I could still pick it out of a crowd - that sweet aroma is like nothing else. On the palate, everything takes it's turn. Sweet candy gives way to orange highlighted with spices (coriander, I believe). Once it is down the hatch, the hops take over. A bit much, in my opinion, but still excellent. The body is nice and full with a bit of a creamy texture. Lacing on the glass was very nice! A VERY solid beer but the hoppy finish takes away from the other awesome hightlights of this beer. I can only give a 4 out of 5. If the hops were stepped down a bit, a 5 for sure. No doubt about it.

Still no score in the game. I will screening calls tonight. Mike Babcock talked to me the last time I was at a game. I am just enjoying the game tonight. I am in no mood to crack skulls AND score a game winner...

Okay, the Wings just scored. Very cool. If they keep it up, we won't see any overtime!
The Blackhawks just scored and Mike just called. I turned him down.
Ugh. Overtime. It was really not my intention to be here are all night. "No Mike, go away...."
On to the Stanley Cup Finals! I will make sure my skates are nice and sharp!

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