Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Three For One Deal

Common Terns. You know the drill. Local nesters.  Not common.  I've shot the birds before (cameras, people, shootin' with cameras!).  You seen it. Here. Here

So, the other day, I was near the colony. This time I tried a new spot.  (That is the Grosse Ile free bridge running across the  image, by the way.)

So, I found, by standing on the dock marked in the image, the birds came by quite close.  With the colony only 100 yards away, they came by pretty often, too.  (My other photo site was across the river and easily three times as far.)

While I certainly got some Common Tern photos, the one that caught my eye was the Caspian Tern.  Nothing new here - I've shot them before.  

But for whatever reason, this particular bird decided to fly straight at me...and over me. 

Banging away at eight frames per second and using a little Photoshop magic can be quite fun!

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