Saturday, September 22, 2012

Slow Week

 With five days off in a row and high hopes of a great hawk flight, I, like many others found the week to be a bust.  Sadly, the spectacle of thousands of Broad-winged Hawks swirling overhead and on the horizon would have to wait another year.

In the meantime, birds were to be had.  When the hawks don't fly, Caspian Terns are often putting on a show right in front of the watch.  Sadly, they don't fly as close as we would like.  They seem to stay just a bit toooooo far away for a really killer shot. But, I won't complain.

 With yesterday's hawk flight akin to the previous days (in other words, nothing), I left the park.  Knowing a buddy of mine, Caleb,  was hanging out at Elizabeth Park and knowing the birding at LEMP was all but dead, I decided to swing up the river and say "howdy".

After solving the problems of the world (pretty normal during times when the birding is slow), we spied a Great Blue Heron who basically didn't give a damn about people.  Folks on the side walk were walking within 25 feet of him and he didn't budge.  

Sporting our big lenses, Caleb and I thought we should shoot the bird (with a camera, I mean).  We had so much fun, in fact, I think I will be back.  I have a feeling that bird is hanging out there.  We'll see.  

So, I guess the moral of the story is this - when the birds are flying, go find some....

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