Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pacific Northwest Day 14 - One More And The Wrap-Up

Sunday, August 14, 2011

After packing and whatnot, Rebecca’s neighborhood was a great place to kill 30 minutes before the lunchtime flight home to Detroit.  All the usual suspects were there. The Fox Sparrow. The Stellar’s Jay.  Those damned crows.  One bird looked like a Carolina Wren! Of course, it’s not.  Bewick’s Wren. Nice. It was the last new bird for the trip.  (By the way, as I understand it,  it is pronounced "Buick" (like the car), not "bee-wick.")

The flight home was as uneventful as one would hope.

So, here is the rundown.

New Birds – 13 (White-headed Woodpecker, Gray Partidge, Tri-colored Blackbird, Cassin's Vireo, Black Turnstone, Sooty Grouse, Northern Fulmar, Fork-tailed Storm Petrel (#650!),
Buller's Shearwater, Pink-footed Shearwater, South Polar Skua, Black-footed Albatross, Surfbird)
Total Trip Birds: 163
Life Birds – 655
ABA Birds - 655 (The two areas match as I have not yet birded outside of North America)
Big Miss - Red-breasted Sapsucker
Total Birds: Washington - 142
Total Birds: Oregon – 53
Total Birds: Idaho - 43
Total Ticks – 4,512 (sum of all ABA checklists)
Lower 48 Ticks – 3,965
Lower 48 Birds – 633

Total States Visited – 3
Total States Lifetime - 44
Total National Parks Visited - 5
Total National Parks lifetime - dunno

New Beers – 45

The map below shows the states I have visited. I know for fact I was in Georgia and South Carolina as a kid.  I was not birding at the time, so it does not count.

The map below shows all the states from which I have had a beer. Keep in mind, I do not have to visit the state to mark this map. That should explain alot...

A gigantic “Thanks” goes to my sister, Rebecca. The spare bedroom. All of your assistance on everything and, of course, the plane ticket.  A very generous gift, indeed.  You have always been generous when I visit.   I have visited you throughout your career in Alaska (twice), Texas, Arizona, northern California, and now Washington. Keep in mind, I have not birded southern California.  There are good birds there I have not yet seen.  Are there any military bases in the area looking for a good nurse? What about bases or hospitals in Costa Rica? Ecuador?  I hope you like the pictures from the horse show. There are more to come.

My next vacation? Who knows.  I know I need to get to Louisiana (or Bruce will kill me!), Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Nevada and Hawaii (likely the last one).  We’ll see what happens next….

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David Stimac said...

Excellent Paul! Great stories, history, restaurant and beer reviews!