Thursday, April 21, 2011

Damned Proud

A short time ago, I was having a conversation with my buddy Bruce in Louisiana. I don't exactly recall how the conversation went, but I remember telling him "Basically, no, I don't watch reality TV cuz I live in reality...."

While the thought of watching Jersey Shore or other boob-tube drool is enough to make me want to stab myself, I guess I have to double back on what I said to him. Yes,I watch reality TV.

Jamie Oliver has a very interesting show, Food Revolution.  Basically, he is trying to get people to stop eating themselves to death.  Bad food is killing us, says he. I find it interesting that he does not seem to mention serving sizes but he really gets you thinking about what we shovel in our bodies.  

As a fan of his app, I decided to give another one his breakfast recipes a go: Feta and Lemon Pancakes with a fruit salad topping.

Fortunately, by the time I finished this recipe, there was NO suggestion of severed fingers in the fruit.  Without giving too much away, the feta cheese is in the pancake batter with lemon zest. My new mortar and pestle crushed up the fennel pretty nicely.  After cooking it up in the old pan, the topping was nothing more than freshly roasted pistachios with strawberries, figs, peaches, nectarines, and some mint. Damned good food. 

On the same note, I love pizza.  I am starting to get away from pepperoni and cheese. I need something more exotic. While Mr. Oliver has a recipe for homemade pizza dough, I'm not there yet. Too much grief when I can just buy a Boboli crust.  So a friend and I put our thinkin' caps on and came up with the following:

The near side is portobello mushrooms with basil and mozzarella cheese.  The far side?  I'm sure you can see the brocholli, but we also threw on some spinach (yes,I eat spinach now....)  and oregano with a funky cheese blend including asiago.  A tweak of garlic wasn't so bad either.  Damned good food.  

So, yeah, Bruce, I guess I do watch reality TV. If that inspires me to good the food I have been making as of late, I damned proud of it!

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