Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I'm Good

If your life is lame and you read this blog, you know I enjoy many things, including cooking.  With the ever-handy iPhone, "cookbooks" are literally at your fingertips. Try haulin' around your desktop computer. Yeah, not so easy, is it?

Jamie Oliver, that fellow from that TV show, has an iPhone app that I have used and commented on a number of times.  Quick meals are a snap with his recipes. Pastas, especially.

One on the cool things about the app is the opportunity to watch little videos about various aspects of cooking.  Little ditties on how to properly secure a cutting board, how to cut an onion, or trim out a vanilla bean are all to be had.  Pretty cool stuff.

One video was all about "Cooking Great Scrambled Eggs."  Now, nobody has EVER complained about my eggs, but I wanted to see what suggestions he had.  I took a few minutes the other day to watch the maestro.  

Crack 'em in a bowl and whisk 'em. A teenie pinch of salt is okay.  Some spices are optional (I use a dash of dill).  After you get the pan warmed over medium heat and the pat of butter is melted and bubbling, add a splash of olive oil, and throw in the eggs. Work that spatula, gang.  Slide across the bottom.  Scrap the sides.  Watch 'em, too.  "Keep 'em on the move" as he said.  Before you think they are ready, get 'em off the heat because they will still cook a bit. Texture is key. Overcook 'em and they get rubbery.  It really is that simple.  

Here is the cool part - I was already doing almost all of that.  The medium heat. Did it.  The spat.  Used it. The "they will still cook or you'll eat bathtub caulk" idea.  Knew it.  The only thing I was not doing was adding the dash of salt or olive oil.The thing I was doing that he didn't do was the addition of a splash of milk.

So, there you have it.  A world-class chef telling folks how to cook scrambled eggs yet I basically could have done the video myself.

Please excuse me while I stroke my ego....

Damn, folks, I'm good.  

Okay, back to my normal, non-arrogant, self.

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