Thursday, December 11, 2008


You've seen 'em - scarecrows in fields? They scare away the birds so they don't eat the crops? Don't let the scarecrow on the bottle of Dundee Oktoberfest (#520) scare you off. Another Marzen style beer, this one is from the High Falls Brewing Company, and is hardly scary. Not award winning, but certainly not scary.

As one might expect, the color was the wonderful brown/orange (amber) color. After the pour, the head (an light tan colored) lingered a bit leaving a slight lacing on the glass. Caramel and sweetness where certainly noted in the aroma while the palate was a bit more complicated. Medium bodied and malty, for sure, but beyond that? I dunno...maybe more caramel? A tiny bit of hops could be detected at the finish.

Easily, a three out of five. Watch for it next year! Don't be scared.

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