Thursday, August 7, 2008

Not A Beer Stein, But...

I made it back to the nest today. It was just a bit windy. No, I didn't blow over in the stiff but slight breeze, but I saw something today that struck me as just plain odd.

She couldn't get in.

Sycamore trees have rather large leaves; easily the size of your hand. In the breeze, one of the leaves had been pushed into a position over the nest such that is acted like a lid. Perhaps you have seen those spectacular German beer steins that have the lid that you flip open with a tug of your thumb? It was something like that. Of course, beer steins are often gigantic. I would hardly describe a hummingbird nest as gigantic, but I suspect you are following me.


She was out (feeding, I presume) and when she returned she could not get back in the nest. The leaf blocked her! Despite multiple attempts, she just couldn't get in. At one point, she was sitting on the leaf! We're talking about a bird here, so I don't want to be anthropomorphic in describing the situation, but I think frustration would be a good place to start. I suspect if she had more human inclinations, a few other colorful words might apply, but I won't mention them here....

I certainly did not stand there and time the event, but I would gather it was easily 90 seconds or so before she got back in the nest. You might be thinking "Ooooohh, 90 seconds, zippity-do-dah," but 90 seconds can be long time, if you think about it.

I will conitinue to take watch the nest. I hope to get some photos of her feeding young. If I am lucky, I can get photos of the little buggers fledging.

I will keep you posted.

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