Friday, August 8, 2008

Beauties and Bombers

If your not in southeast Michigan, you just can't appreciate the sort of day we had here. The weather is what I think many people would call perfect. No humidity. No heat. Blue skies with puffy clouds. It just does not get any better than that.

Knowing today would be a great day to be out, and knowing that I would really hate myself if I did not get out and enjoy at least a part of it, I grabbed my gear and took off.

I spent the morning at Lake Erie Metropark. Mom is still there. But, the real purpose of my day was to get out and take a few photos of the American Lotus. In Michigan, it is considered a Threatened Species (though folks down south apparently hate it). I am convinced the lotus beds at the Park are the best in the state. Sure, the flower can be found in other locations along the western end of Lake Erie, but no other bed, to the best of my knowledge, allows such close viewing AND and can be found on public property. Yes, there other locations, but they are on private land or , if public, you need a boat to get close.

So, I thought I would just take a few photos. My timing was bad in terms of light.

Plus, I bumped into my good friend Jim and we just spent the morning enjoying the morning. All told, we walked over 2.5 miles...just chatting. Good times.

I had to get home for some business. During the late afternoon, I heard "that distinct rumble." Knowing exactly what was going to happen, I charged outside like a kid and looked up. There she went: the Yankee Lady, a B-17 from the Yankee Air Museum.

It turns out, when she takes her summer flights, she basically goes right over my subdivision. I suspect, to some people, that would be annoying. I just about wet myself every time. On this occasion, I could not quite figure out why the sounds were different as she came into view behind my building. A few moments later, a B-24 came into view. Moments after that, a B-25. All three together. The sounds were simply terrific and view was like nothing else. With my 400mm lens, I could have taken a few decent shots. Unfortunately, the rig was still in the car.

For the rest of the evening, I'm sure my neighbors thought I was an idiot. At what likely appeared to be random intervals, I would charge outside with my camera. "Dammit, thats a train" or "Nuts, thats a truck on the expressway." or "I swear that little prop plane sounded like it had more oomph!"

I think a neat shot might be of my condo from the bombardier's position in the nose. I promised myself I would take a ride in that plane someday. Maybe next summer. If you're in, let me know.

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