Friday, August 1, 2008

Just Relaxin'

This was one of the most laid back days one could ask for. I have known Neal since the second grade. We had a late, casual breakfast and some time in downtown Dallas. The bank in the downtown has an observation deck on the 49th floor. What a view! Dinner was at the Capital Pub where I enjoyed two new beers. Golden Monkey, from the Victory Brewing Company, was simply off. I was not sure what the problem was, but it was The Cassis, from Broerij Lindemn, was made with black currants. It was very tart, but still okay for a fruit beer. I really needed those grapes.

The antique store up the street had a very early model Gaggia espresso machine. The huge kind. I mean huge. Probably four feet wide. Brass accents. A real beauty. $2800.00. He offered half off and would ship it. Ohhhhh, if I had a bigger place….and more money….

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