Monday, August 18, 2008

Nobody's Home.....

I had a chance to swing into Lake Erie Metropark today. I made it a point to check out the hummingbird nest. I didn't see anybody! I was there a few days ago as well. Same thing. Nobody was home.

In both cases, I must admit, I did not get a chance to stay long. A few minutes each time, if that. But on all my previous visits, I did not have to wait long before she showed up (or she was sitting already when I got there).

I am no pro with hummingbirds, but I think a few things are possible. 1)My timing is rotten and she is indeed spending less time on the nest (as a result of the warmer temperatures we have been having as of late). 2) The nest is a failure (in one form or another) 3) She's dead.

I will check again in a day or two.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Not dead... too pessimistic... only missing.