Monday, January 26, 2015

Day 10 - All Good Things....

Sunday morning was exactly what things were supposed to be – more play time with the drapes.  Why didn’t they have those when I was a kid? 

Walking the hall to the lobby, the sound of a crying infant echoed through the hall.  At least we thought it was a child. Perhaps it was a grown man crying after he lost a fortune.  I like that version better. Who in the hell would bring kids to that town? The insanity and the debauchery?   For kids?  Come on.  Someone might argue Insanity and debauchery have their place, but with kids around?  Cripe. 

After securing an amazingly delicious, but amazingly overpriced, buffet, we had a few minutes to poke around the grounds.  It really is a beautiful property.  How ever do they pay for it……

Sadly, all good things must come to end.  Cautioned of potential airport grief as a result of the ending holiday stretch, we opted to head to the airport a tad early.  Breezing through the security, we settled in for the flight home.

Okay, here is the rundown…

Birds Species: 159
Paul’s life birds: 5
Paul’s total life list: 668
Paul’s California list (before):117
Paul’s California list (after): 198
Paul’s Nevada list (before): 0
Paul’s Nevada list (after): 29
Natalie’s lists: not known

Miles driven: 1,700 (or so…)
States visited: 2
States visited (lifetime): 45
National Park sites visited: 5
National Park sites visited (lifetime): not sure…but a lot…

Breweries visited: 4 (with a 5th brewery from New York sampled )
Beer species: 15
Beer species (lifetime): 1,535

Elvis impersonators:  none.  NONE!
Dollars spent gambling: $0.00

What will a future trip be?  Well, certainly back to the Channel Islands for the Scrub Jay.  If we did it later in the spring, we could secure more pelagic species (including some Murrelets) as well as the Elegant Tern (long gone in the winter).  Perhaps a later trip would also help us secure the Yellow-footed Gull at the Salton Sea. I understand the smell of salt and dead fish is very romantic on a brutally hot summer day......

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