Monday, March 15, 2010

Playin' Catch-up

While it has been a few weeks since I have last talked about beer, don't think I haven't been trying new ones! Hey, I've been busy! (Abe is ready to run for President! Fellow vampire hunter William Seward (and soon to be Killer Abe's Secretary of State) talked him into it!)


Brews of the past few weeks from the Summit Brewing Company included the Extra Pale Ale, Indian Pale Ale, and the Maibock. All in all, "average" would be the word.

A real highlight of the last few weeks has been the work of the Left Hand Brewing Company of Longmont, Colorado. While they have been around for over 15 years, I totally stumbled into their beer a short time back. The Deep Cover Brown Ale, Jackman's American Pale Ale, Polestar Pilsner, and Sawtooth Ale were all very good, but the Milk Stout was a totally keeper. A 5 out of 5. I don't give those that often! Practically black with an inviting tan head, the chocolate tones with a hint of coffee were perfect. Balance? Dead on. Body? Dead on. Simply wonderful.

Keeping a bit closer to home, the Original Gravity Brewing Company in Milan was worth a stop. I had been there shortly after Brad opened the place in '08. Cool place. The Sean of the Red and Southpaw IPA were just a few of beers on tap. As a fan of red ales, I really like this beer. The IPA, on the other hand, was a more hops than I could handle. If you like hops, try this one; you'll probably like it. If you can't manage strong hops, this brew might just kill you.

The 'ole beer list now stands at 719 species.

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