Sunday, March 28, 2010

#724 - #730

Friday night was another super night for a beer lister. The Vreeland Mart, that wonderful beer heaven a short walk from my place, hosted another beer tasting. Fine beers from all over the world and all the food you could eat were up for grabs. Don't forget the free raffle!

Over the course of the evening, I managed to sample seven new beers.

#724, the Lucky Kat, from Magic Hat Brewing Company was pretty subdued for an IPA. I was expecting that hoppy bite but it just never materialized. The creamy body was certainly a plus. 3 out of 5.

The Amber Ale (give me a better name!), #725,was brewed at the Abita Brewing Company. How many ways can one say "stunningly sub-average amber ale"? 2 out of 5.

Soft Parade (#726) from Short's Brewing Company was a fruit ale. If you are a regular reader here (I pity you if you are!), you know I am not a giant fan of this style unless you are doing cheeses, fruits or deserts. This beer shows why. Fruity, but horribly acidic, it managed only a 2 out of 5. It is not one of their better brews.

The Prima Pils (#727) from the Victory Brewing Company was not good at all. A 1 out of 5, I think it was pretty much a dud. The color was mighty pale, the finish was weird, and I was left wondering if it was actually a skunky beer. I am sure it wasn't but, cripe, if you have wonder if that is the case, it can't be good...

Lion Brewing Inc. got the call for #728 and #729: McSorley's Pale Ale and McSorley's Black Lager, respectively. Both were good, but nothing to brag about. I found the Black Lager very peculiar. I have had this style of beer before and they never cease to amaze me. Your brain says "stout or porter" based on appearance. When you give it a go, it has this horrible watered down body, until you realize it is indeed a lager and will not have a body like a stout or porter. The Pale Ale was way too carbonated. All the nice tones were shot.

The best of night was certainly the last one of the night. The Kilt Lifter Scotch Ale (#730) from Moylan's Brewery and Restaurant was awesome! Ruby in color, but clear, the aroma was full of nuts and sweet tones (maybe caramel?). The rich and creamy body highlighted more of that sweetness. There was a hint of alcohol "belly warming" in the finish, but it did not distract from the beer at all. Best brew of the night. 5 out of 5, for sure. I'll leave all the visuals to you....

On a different note, I am, apparently, the only dork who brings a computer to these things. That said, a number of people are starting to think of me as a beer guru. The folks at our table couldn't resist asking me questions. I guess I look official. At one point, the owner of the store came over and said "hi". We had chatted some time ago at the store while I was beer shopping.

On one point, a guy walked up to a friend of mine. While he could have been hittin' on her ("Hey baby, what is your favorite beer...?"), he decided, instead, to ask her about me. " So, that guy over there with the computer...what's his favorite beer?"

Yeah, I am confused, too.

My beer species list now stands at 730 species.

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