Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Trephanation is an amazing procedure. Dating back to the Stone Age, it basically involves drilling a hole in a patient's skull in an attempt to expose the brain and ultimately cure various medical problems. Archaeological finds have shown that people survived this procedure even hundreds of years of ago. Can you imagine having a chunk of stone used as a drill so someone (hopefully, one you trust!) could carve a hole in your noggin? Whew. What misery, huh? (There is even a case of a guy and his wife who firmly believed in self-trepanning! Would you believe his name was Mellon? Really! Cue the rimshot in

Well, today, I had a hole in my head.

Wait. I have that totally backwards. Today, I had my head in a hole. Wait, um... my head, er... This is getting bad. Let me explain.

With such beautiful weather today, I hit the road. After some light birding at Oakwoods Metropark, I did some driving. I found myself heading down the dirt road that leads to the Pointe Mouillee State Game Area. On a horizontal portion of a light post a few hundred yards ahead, a Red-tailed Hawk was sitting still and looking cool (do they ever not?)

This gave me a chance to try something I have tried once before. With the car in park, I put my butt on the arm-rest. If you must know, it is the right cheek. Why? Because I needed to stretch the left leg to the brake pedal. Reaching down and placing the car in "drive", the car crept forward at a snail's pace. I could easily reach the steering wheel with my left arm if I need to do so.

Where is my head? It's sticking out the sunroof! So was my camera. As I crept forward, I managed to snag a pic.

Keep in mind, I would never do this in any sort of a dangerous circumstance. No, I would not do it on the expressway or even a busy side street. There was no one around so it was perfectly safe. In fact, I am not even sure I can reach the gas pedal when my tush is planted on the arm rest, so speed is hardly a concern here. It is as safe as you could ask for. Really.

Yeah great - flying down the expressway at 70mph with half of my body hanging out the sunroof. How stupid. Can you say "ticket"? I need that like I need a hole in the head...

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