Tuesday, March 30, 2010


You might recall from a few weeks back that I have been trying to get a Black-capped Chickadee photo. The little twerps just never seem to settle in for a picture when I am around.

I think that may have changed yesterday.

Interestingly enough, I got the pic because my gear was not working correctly. After walking a few hundred feet from my car, I realized the batteries in my external flash were dead. Totally dead. So, I swapped 'em out, right? Well, it wasn't until I got a few hundred yards down the trail when I realized the second set were just about as dead. They seemed to have enough juice when I first place them in. I can say, for certain, that the picture would have been ruined had I tried to take it with the flash; I am sure the white cheeks would have been overexposed. The natural light was basically all I needed.

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