Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Secret Place - Part Deux

My professional travels took me to Flat Rock today. No, really. They did.  I timed it so I had a chance to spend a few minutes at My Secret Place. You know - the place I mentioned yesterday that no one is supposed to know about?  Right there at the Dam? In Flat Rock?  Where everybody feeds the ducks? Yeah, there. Shh.

Anyhow, with much better lighting, I was able to come away with a few more pics.  Those hen Mallards. So cooperative....

It is worth knowing that I have not fed these birds.  I just haven't done it. That is not to say I won't. Maybe I will someday in an attempt to get the birds to do what I need them to do.  If I do, let me be clear - it will not be bread.

For those of you that don't know, while ducks eat bread when it is available, they have no understanding of the bread's nutrition.  White bread is basically junk.  It is metabolically trash for ducks and people alike.  While there are better breads to eat with our dinners, ducks don't understand bread and eat it anyway.  You might liken it to bringing a bucket of Tootsie Rolls to a playground. The kids are gonna eat 'em.  Even after a wrecked belly from all the crud, they will still eat 'em the next day.  

Case in point? While hiding out in my portable, heated, photography blind (it gets 40 mile to the gallon), a car pulled up.  Two woman exited causing the ducks to stir a bit.  Bread came out of the trunk like clowns spilling out of a clown car.  I kid you not - 30 bags at least.  Hamburger buns.  Loaves of bread.  Hot dog buns.  If the ducks didn't get it in time, the gulls did.  

Will I go back? Sure, I will. Will I feed 'em?  Right now, I just don't see a reason to do it. With so many other people doing the feeding, I just don't see a need to bother with it.....

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