Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I See You.....

Not too long ago, Don, Natalie and I did our relaxed sort of Biggish Day.  One of the highlights involved a perched Great Horned Owl.

Without giving away details, this bird seems to be hanging out in the same area.  Our collective wits suggest that this bird (or its mate) has already selected a location to nest.  They are simply waiting for her biology to catch up.

Great Horned Owls don't make their own nests. A Red-tailed Hawk nest from the previous year would suffice. A broken tree top or a tree cavity would do the trick, as well. In any case, their egg laying cycle is waaaaaaay ahead of other birds in the region.  As I type this, I would bet the female has already dumped her first egg.  Yes, folks, the temperature was zero degrees this morning and she is likely hunkered down on the first of the clutch with the proud papa not far away. (To the best of my knowledge, daddy Great Horneds don't pass out cigars.  Stories of them passing out voles wrapped in Zig-Zags  cant be confirmed.)

A few days ago, knowing the opportunity to shoot a silhouette would soon be available, I shot out to the tree after work.  At a distance of almost one hundred yards, I can't get any closer as I cant walk on water (Jesus didn't either,  but that is another story...)

Frustratingly, nice looking skies were to the left, but if I moved right, the bird disappeared into the trunk of the tree.  It was also quite windy, forcing me to shoot at faster shutter speeds than I had hoped.  In any case, I managed.

I hope to get back there in the coming days and secure more images with  different background colors. We'll see what happens.....

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