Wednesday, January 2, 2013

George Is BACK!!!

A few months ago, I secured a "Where's George?" bill.  You know how this works, right?  After all, I explained it all here.  

As you might recall, I held on to the bill for a few months.  It was the plan to move this bill as far across the country as possible.  With the initial hit from Rochester, New York in December of 2010, and my input from Michigan in March of 2012, I thought spending it on our Arizona trip would be cool. So I did.  Here's my pic.

A few days ago, someone logged in with my bill....from the Bronx....

Yes, folks, with my all thought and planning, my bill, tucked safely in my wallet for a cross-country trip, was NOT cataloged by anyone until it got to New York. What a total drag. 

From the bill's details, this is what we get:

This bill has traveled 779 Miles in 2 Yrs, 1 Day, 3 Hrs, 38 Mins at an average of 1.1 Miles per day.   It is now 255 Miles from its starting location.
So, that sucks. The truth is this - the bill traveled over 2000 miles from Detroit to southeast Arizona AND THEN traveled over 2,500 miles to get back to New York.

So, they think a whopping 800 miles?   No. Try 4800 miles.  

Any way you look it, it's cool, if not accurate.

Check your bills!

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