Monday, November 19, 2012

Wrapping Paper?

With the hawkwatch not exacting hopping with hawks, Natalie and I took a little walk around the trails yesterday.

As a direct result of my fantastic photographic skills, I managed to snap a photo as a Killdeer flock shot overhead.  My skills are so extraordinary that I timed the image such that all the birds were perfectly spaced and in perfect wing synch.  How cool. *

I was struck by how much the image looked like wrapping paper for a Christmas gift.

I hate wrapping paper.  

It is often ugly, and hardly festive, during a season of waste and excess.  The only real joy one gets from wrapping paper involves taking the bow (presumably found on said ugly wrapping paper) and sticking it to the dog's head. Beyond that, who cares.

Given that so many people are starting to the see the light and have begun to purchase gift bags (that can be used again and again), maybe I should start my own line of bags......

* Actually, it was just one bird in a blue sky that I cloned over and over again with Photoshop. 

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