Sunday, November 4, 2012

Three Years Later...

With hopes of seeing an Evening Grosbeak in Wayne County, Natalie and I set out this morning to one of the more reliable locations in the region for winter finches- Westcroft Gardens.  

Established in 1776 (really), the place, while not large, has all the right needs for birds looking to make it through the winter. Food. Cover. It is all there.  

The tail-less Carolina Wren was worth a chuckle.  1.9 millions Robins  were pretty impressive, too.  Sadly, winter finches were not be found.  (Do not mention to me that a flock of Evening Grosbeak zipped past the Hawkwatch.  I'll kill you.) 

Hoping to find something else of note, we took a spin around the island.   Along the southwest edge of the island, we found ourselves looking for Kingfishers.  We have had them there in the past.  Why not check again?

What I'm pretty sure was the same 100 yards of real estate along West River Road, the ole guy was still hangin' out.  

Yes, the "orange" picture was taken in 2009. But so what.  While nothing lives forever, the thought that a Kingfisher could patrol the same stretch of river for more than three years is not all that exotic.  

The real question is whether or not he will be there in 2015.  We'll be watching. 

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