Friday, November 30, 2012

What A Bunch O' Bull

While much of Metro Detroit is imploding (and has been doing so for years), Wyandotte seems to hang on.  Despite the loss of Lions, Tigers, and Beers, a local watering hole,  to fire a short time back, much of the downtown still has a buzz.  The buzz is even more present during the holidays.  
Merrill Lynch maintains an office on a downtown corner.  Yes, the banking scam-ola from a few years ago contributed to the meltdown of our economy and, yes, this has some people wanting to kill any random bank manager or investment company. 
But put all that aside for a moment.  You can't deny the bull that is the Merrill Lynch logo is pretty damned cool.  A fun little play-on-words, I'm sure it is referencing a bull market.  Even more cool is the fact they have a life-sized steel sculpture of a bull right outside their front door.

With the camera on a tripod, I used a 25-second exposure.  The red bars are car brake lights as they drifted through the shot.
I won't lie.  There is a lot about this shot that I do not like.  The black hole that occupies the upper left quadrant is where LTBs used to sit.  Traffic is, of course, committed to the appropriate lane. 
I thought about changing some things.   I find the truck hiding behind the red lights a bit distracting.  While I am perfectly capable of simply picking up that guy's truck and moving it (I'm stronger than I look), I opted not to do that. 
Then I thought I could move the sculpture.  Same story.  I could, but I thought better of it. 
 A short walk to the closed City Hall jettisoned my plan to have traffic on Biddle re-routed. 
So, with a truck, sculpture, and traffic more or less commited to their respective locations, I did what I could do. 
That's no bull.

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