Sunday, January 29, 2012

An Egyptian Curse? #1166

It is good to be among the living again.  Maybe it was the Curse.  It had to be...

After successfully painting my kitchen, I shot out  to the Oak Cafe for drinks.  With a stellar amount of world beers, the choices were numerous.

Ta Henket, from Dogfish Head was available  The beer is an amazing mix of brewing dedication, story-telling, creativity, and fun. 

As I understand it, the brewers from Dogfish took a field trip to Egypt.  Using actual hieroglyphics detailing primitive beer recipes, ingredients were a mix of ancient tastes combined with modern adjustments.  Chamomile and daum fruits were key (for the record, I have never heard of a daumfruit until drinking this beer).  

Yeasts were wild-caught using baited petri-dishes.  Simply left open to the air, the dishes collected all sorts of Cairo crap.  Fancy labs separated the wild, free-floating yeasts from dirt, pollution, insects and other nasties that would surely curse a beer.

A pale yellow or gold color, the head was functionally gone when we got it.  The aroma was absolutely like nothing I have ever had.; the floral and citrus notes were quite powerful.  Bread tones were quite strong too (I guess you would expect that based on the origins of the recipe).  It was quite smooth with an ever-so slight bite of carbonation.  Hops?  Forget it.  None detected.  You might be describe it as drinking liquid bread and flowers. 

All that said, I can't knock it.  Tremendous efforts went into making this beer.  It just just wasn't very "beery".   3 out of 5.

Shortly after the sampling, and my "average at best" review despite the brewer's impressive efforts, that peculiar little tickle appeared in my throat.  Looking back on it, I guess it was pretty silly to think it was just an irritation from paint fumes (after all, I  had just painted my kitchen).  By breakfast, symptoms were full-blown.

I'm sure you know 'em all. We've all been there.  Scratchy throat.  Sinuses full of snot.  Cough.  Brain cases slowing expanding from internal pressure.  Hot one minute only to be cold the next.  It all blows. 

Knowing more or less what was happening, I blundered on to and found myself reading the horrifying truth. 

I had Dengue Fever.   

No, wait. That couldn't be right.  While transmitted by mosquitoes, it is found in Sub-Saharan Africa, not Egypt (at least not often).  Boy, I guess you can't trust everything you see on the Internet.  

The symptoms are vague enough that they could be from a lot of ailments.  Legionnaires Disease?  Encephalitis?  I'm sure it was just the the good old-fashioned flu...minus the puking.  Thank goodness.  I did enough of that in college.

Ya know, books are full of stories about people dying after plundering tombs of the Pharaohs.  There was even the fellow who got bit by a mosquito, hacked open the ouchy while shaving, and soon died from infection.  The Pharaohs curse?

So, lets see if this all makes sense. The beer loosely based on an old Egyptian recipe was only so-so ('cause I said so). Offended, the Gods from a now dead culture cursed me. That has to be it.

No, no, no.  I just got a case of the icks.  The beer had nothing to do with it.  Rest assured, your intrepid beer consultant will continue to keep you posted on brews of the world.  Diseases and curses be damned.

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remember what happened to Lord Caernarvon!!