Monday, January 2, 2012

#1,151 - Enormously Good

After getting a bit stir crazy these past few days, I thought I would head on our for a drink.

Fort Street Brewery released three beers on New Years Eve. I had two of them but I wanted to get the third
one before it was gone.

By my thinking, it should have been gone in seconds...

Barrelnornous (#1,151) is the Beernormous aged in a bourbon barrel. If you like that sort of thing, you will LOVE this stuff.

Smooth. Creamy. Bourbon notes from beginning to end. Damn good. Five out of five for sure.

Of course, at 9.5% alcohol, I thought bringing a book to the brewery was a good idea. I might be here for a bit.

A book at a brewery I'm such a dork.....

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Paul said...

By the way, I was posting this entry remotely from my iPhone last night. The old app was crashing bad (a known problem they are trying to fix). In the meantime, I downloaded a different app that just wasn't that impressive. It worked, but I look forward to having my old one back......

Graphically, this post looks pretty poor. I swear - it's not my fault.