Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Board And The Stone

A boy-king lived a long time ago,
In a stone, he found a sword, to smite his foe.
Not just any sword, mind you, it had a grand name,
It was called, "Excalibur", it was legend and fame.

Arthur was the boy, but the king of the land,
Ruled it he did, with the sword in his hand.
A gentle ruler he was, but strong, when needed,
His friend was Merlin, whose advice he heeded.

For years he ruled, with a sword from a stone,
The stories go on, tome after tome.
They travel generations,  with magic and lure,
But was he real? We don't know.  We can't be sure.

This part I know, I know to be true,
Tonight, I traveled yonder, in my steed of paint blue.
To Target and to Kohl's, I searched high and low,
Finally, Bed, Bath and Beyond, I had to go.

To the kitchen section I went, were gadgets abound,
On the walls and the shelves, displays all around.
I found my "sword" on the rack, what a deal,
Ladies and gentleman, I have a pizza peel.

Unlike Arthur's legends with swords in a stone
My story is different, my other skills I hone.
I dont smite the enemy, or from his horse make him fall,
I will add toppings to a pizza, to the joy of them all.

In the oven the stone goes, a uniform cook it will be,
At 450 degrees, the heat spreads evenly.
My wooden sword (the peel), takes pizza from the stone, 
Cheeses and meats, their aromas will fill my home.

In hundreds of years, no one will know my name,
Arthur I am not, no lasting legends, no fame.
but pizzas will be here, this place, my home,
You read it here first, The Legend of The Board and The Stone

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