Monday, April 26, 2010

A Caper, But Not A Crime

Last night I had some capers. No, I did not rob a bank or kidnap anybody.

My capers where the little pickled buds from that peculiar Mediterranean shrub. You know....capers.

As an avid iPhone user, I am always looking for new apps that make life easy and fun. (What the hell did people do before iPhones?). Anyhow, Jamie Oliver is making quite a name for himself as a chef. He put together an app called "20-minute Meals". I don't care about the time involved. Simple and good is what I am looking for.

The Rigatoni Arrabiatta was my first go. "Arrabiatta" translates to "enraged" in Italian and is supposed to be a reference to the temps of this meal - hot and fiery. No such thing here. It was only the teeniest bit of hot. Copyright law apparently prevents me from telling you that I took red onion, red pepper, garlic, a red chili, a can of tomatoes, basil, capers, and olive oil and shlopped into a pan. I ultimately dumped it over rigatoni pasta and added feta cheese. Don't forget some salt and pepper. Done. Awesome and easy.

Simple, healthy recipes in no time. Hardly criminal.


Rachel said...

Oh, a new app idea! Thank you! And to answer your began at iphone conception.

Paul said...

But if life begins at iPhone conception, what about the souls of the people who died in the early 2000s? They never "saw the light" because it was not available to them. Can they be punished for something they were not alive to see? Perhaps they just went to technology limbo?