Friday, January 8, 2010

Feeling Drafty

2009 was pretty good to me. Lets keep the streak going, right? So, I hit the road to do some local driving and get a start on my 2010 bird list. I was not up for walking (no particular reason) so if I could not see it from car, I wasn't interested.

I covered Lake Erie Metropark and the fields to the west of Pointe Mouillee State Game Area. I thought Elizabeth Park was worth a cruise. For that matter, I knew I could rely on Jim the Mockingbird to be at The Garage; he has been there since the Hoover Administration so far as I can tell. Bishopp Park in Wyandotte. Check. Oh, hell, lets just drive all around the Grosse Ile and look for waterfowl. Ya never know what you might turn up...

While I had visions of Snowy Owls or perhaps a bonus bird like a lost Varied Thrush, it was not to be. I did manage to get, what I think, were some nice pics of Horned Larks in the farm fields. I had the fella just across the road, only feet away! Awesome! At the garage, Jim the Mockingbird was exactly where he was supposed to be. While he was on the building the photos are the best I have taken of his to date.

So, you might be wondering why I am not showing you these pics. Trust me, I would love to do it.

But, I can't.

After getting back, I tried to start up my main computer (I need it to process my RAW photo format. The netbook I am using now can't cut it). Nothing. Apparently, there is this PBR thing-a-mah-bob that my computer understands but I don't. Re-start it. Nothing. Re-start it again, swear, then nothing.

Okay, I got it. Re-start it, swear LOUDLY, and.......nothing.

Oh, wait wait wait..... Check the internet on my iPhone. Yeah, should do it! What is this PBR thing all about? Apparently, a harddrive has partitions so it can...well, do whatever it needs to do. Just put your CD in the drive and follow steps from this website. Yeah.

Didn't work.

Swear loudly, Not because it should make the computer work, but because it can make you fell better!

So, instead of posting some photos that I think I might really like, I unhooked my machine. Tomorrow, instead of enjoying my day, I get to go the computer store.

For now? Ugh. Yeah, everything is backed on a external harddrive, but I still feel like I have an ulcer. Remember that dream from your childhood where you went to school but forgot to put on your clothes? We've all had it. There are different interpretations of it, but, for now, I think that works here. I feel rather uncomfortable... like I am missing something important.....

Does anybody have a robe? It feels kinda drafty around here....

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