Sunday, January 10, 2010


Contrary to popular belief, big racks on big bucks are not for fighting. They are mainly for show. If a monster 12-point finds himself on the same piece of real estate as a 4-point,there will be no fight. The 4-point knows his place and moves along. If ,however, the 12-point faces another 12-point, oh, look out. It could be a quite a show!

So, if one looks at the logo of Big Buck Beer from the Big Buck Brewery, you wouldn't have to be a follower of the Pope and Young Club to appreciate that beast, right? The girth at the base of of those antlers are as big as my head, Pete's Sake! And how many points are there? 16 maybe? So, one might think with such a massive animal on the logo, the beer would be full of big taste, impressive aromas, and other aspects suggesting mammalian hugeness.

Guess again.

On the pour, the head never formed. Never. I even aggressively tipped the bottle trying to screw it up and get it to "over foam." It didn't work. While a pleasant golden yellow color, everything was down hill. The aroma, while slightly suggesting apples, was lifeless . The body was thin. The taste was basically gross with a finish that was even more gross. Get the idea?

There is absolutely nothing happening with this beer that suggests the monster on the logo. Instead of an impressive animal ruling the woods, it was more like roadkill on a back country two-track...

1 out of 5

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