Thursday, January 14, 2010

Eagle Day

With the day off, I managed to sneak out for a bit of birding and shooting (cameras, not shotguns). For the record, the Bald Eagle viewing at Lake Erie Metropark the last few days has been great! I had 62 birds this morning!

The bird below is, of course, an adult bird. White head and white tail, right? There is no telling how old it is!

This one is a Bald Eagle, as well. It just belongs to a different age class. That brown belly tells us it is in juvenile plumage. The bird was born in the spring of 2009.

The final eagle is what is called Basic III by some authors. Notice the mostly while head? It is one year short of being an adult. Full grown, yes, but not an adult. It was born in 2006.

So with over 60 eagles on the river, what keeps them there? There has to be food somewhere! If you get a count on the all the ducks in the pic below, let me know...

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