Friday, September 11, 2015

August 22: MDI Hiking

Having spent the bulk of our time on the east side of Mount Desert Island (MDI), we thought exploring the west side was in order.  For those of you who aren’t sure, the island is largely shaped like an upside-down heart.  Bar Harbor is on the right side/east side. 

Hiking was, not to my surprise, more of the same. It was certainly fun (don’t get me wrong) but the west side was not much different than the east side.  In an area covered with mixed conifers, evergreens and plenty of rocks, one must be careful how they walk.  Tree roots don’t penetrate rocks all that well and they run across the surface of trails like tentacles looking to trip you up.  A lot of time is spent looking down! 

Lunch was at the Drydock Café and Inn in the little hamlet of Southwest Harbor (Bar Harbor is not the only town on the island). 

Looking to repeat our enjoyment of Ship Harbor Rock, we returned.  While the birding was a bit lighter (no gannets, for example) it is really hard to not enjoy the place.  Crashing waves and stunning vistas make for a great afternoon.

The evening was in camp with a spaghetti dinner and, get this, a campfire.  Three in a row!  Call the National Guard!

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