Friday, September 11, 2015

August 20: Rocks and Fog

Dawn found us in a light drizzle.  Except it wasn’t drizzling. The fog and general dampness was so thick that it was collecting on the leaves and dripping producing an effect similar to a light rain.  That said, it wasn’t anything that a bowl of Corn Pops couldn’t fix.   

Mid-morning had us in Bar Harbor securing tickets for our whale watching trip.  Good birds and whales can be seen in the waters off of Bar Harbor.  Knowing the day’s forecast called for more fog, we opted for a watch the following day. That gave us the day to go play. 

Given the tides in region, taking a walk to Bar Island was neat.  High tide? Forget it. Low tide? The causeway becomes clear and you can make the walk.  You had better watch how you walk.  A stumble onto a barnacle-covered rock on you’ll bleed to death.  Damn, those things are sharp.

Trails paralleling historic roads were well worth the mid-day hours.  Clearly, however, the best trail of the day, and perhaps the trip from a bird standpoint, was the Ship Harbor trail. Less than a mile long, we found ourselves on the rocky shore of the Atlantic Ocean.  Northern Gannets, Black Guillemots, and  Common Eiders were just some of the goodies along the way.  Mixed passerines were found as well. Nothing crazy, but fun.  Black-throated Green Warblers were one that comes to mind. 

Dinner at camp was with an amazingly average home brew I brought with us for the trip.  Perhaps more importantly, we had a campfire. No, not a fake iPhone campfire.  A real one. I so rarely do those as I generally see them as a pain in the ass.  But, Natalie wanted one and that’s good enough for me. I had to use caution however, as my fire-building skills are extreme.  Without care, the whole campground would burn down….

While I had hoped for the opportunity to do some shoreline photography at sunset, it didn’t happen. Too much fog. 

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