Saturday, October 19, 2013

On To 2,000!

So Thursday was the big night!

1.9 million 20 people descended on the Fort Street Brewery for my 1,500th beer! 

As noted earlier, the Queen Bee II is (was?) an English-style IPA with honey, Barenjager (a honey liquour) and Stoli Sticki Vodka (honey vodka) all added for a secondary fermentation. 

How would I describe it in a word?  Great!  Admittedly, most the honey tones were lost to the power of the vodka, but I can't complain.  You might think of it as those beers that are aged in bourbon barrels so the bourbon tones blend with the beer.  (That said, if you do not like Vodka, you would not like this beer.)

In case you are keeping count, a quick rundown of my spreadsheet shows that about 180 of my 1,500 beers are from the FSB.  That's what you get when your local brewer is a machine!

Thanks all! See you soon!

On to 2,000!

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