Tuesday, October 15, 2013

1,500th Beer on Thursday!


That crazy spreadsheet I've been keeping for years has its advantages.  When I go to the party store, I can access my list and confirm whether or not I have had a particular beer.  Perhaps more importantly, when people find out I have said beer spreadsheet, they know I'm cool and they're not.

But, its not all about coolness.  It also helps me keep track of milestones.  #500 was a bottle of Chimay at the Oak Cafe.  That would have been August of 2008.  May of 2011 was my 1,000th beer.  It was the Mango Tango at the Fort Street Brewery.  

As you perhaps gathered, I've had a few beers since #1,000.  With travels to the Pacific Northwest, Arizona and the Lake Superior Circle tour from a few months back, it was only a matter of time for #1,500.

So, it will be THIS Thursday, October 17th.  Natalie and I will be arriving via tandem hang-glider at the Fort Street Brewery were we will be greeted with trumpets and rose petals in time for dinner. 6:30pm or so.  The cask will be tapped at 8pm.  

The cask, by the way, is looking to be a winner. Doug's 272nd cask, the Queen Bee II is an English-style IPA with honey added.  In addition, Barenjager (a honey liquour) and Stoli Sticki Vodka (honey vodka) were dumped in.  Get it? Bees? Honey? Did I really have to explain that to you?

(If you are not certain what the cask is, it basically goes like this - beer is added to a small keg along with other fermentable sugars creating what is called a "secondary fermentation".   This second run allows for an introduction of flavors based on what was added.  Pumpkins, chocolate, peppers from a garden and anything else the mind can dream up are all fair game. Most breweries do these now and then. Doug does them weekly.)

I have not made arrangements to be the cask tapper ( I did so for the 1,000th beer).

If you are reading this, considered yourself invited!

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