Sunday, May 15, 2011

1,000th Beer Coming Soon!

After a few years of enjoying beer as a hobby, I have a reached a rather large milestone: 1,000 beers!
Well, not yet.  It will be in about a week and a half.
Here are the details....
What: Paul's 1000th beer celebration
When: Thursday, May 26th at 8:00pm
Why: Because beer is fun
You might be asking "Why a Thursday night?"  At the FSB, Doug Beedy, the brewer, taps a cask every Thursday.  The cask is simply  a small vessel (like a keg) were beer is fermented a second time. 
Doug is a beer-making machine and does the cask thing constantly but never does the same recipe twice.  I thought this unique "once in a life-time beer" would be a fun thing for a "once in life-time" milestone. You only have your 1,000th beer once!
So, I have made arrangements with him to be the cask-tapper.   While anybody can do this at FSB, I thought it would be a fun way to celebrate a milestone. The tapping happens around 8:00pm. 
The above image shows what I'll be doin',  I won't be wearing any hats.  

I will likely be there by 6:30pm or so to enjoy a dinner. 
If you are free for the evening, join me!
Holler if you have any questions!
I hope to see you all there! Bring people. It is, after all, a brewery!

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