Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sqeeze Play

Flying through the news tonight and a story caught my eye.

In case you don't want read the linked story, it goes like this: Man doesn't want boring pet. Man buys boa constrictor. Man shows off to friend by placing 9ft snake around neck. Snake squeezes. Man dies.

The parts of the story that made me chuckle:

Once a snake clamps down like that, they're extremely strong. It would have been very difficult for one person to remove that snake.

Uh, yeah, that's the point. If prey could just unwrap the snake, there wouldn't be many snakes, now would there?

The snake appears to have been well-fed, said Langan, who added he did not know what might have led the snake to strangle its owner...

I know why it killed the owner. It's a snake. They kill things. Equally valid is this - big snakes kill big things. This is so easy, isn't it?

They're not smart because they don't have to be "smart". True statements, like "2+2=4" and "B.P. is a bunch of buffoons", are not relevant to their lives. They don't fetch. They don't greet you at the door when you get home from work. They curl up on your lap only because you are warmer than the heat rock. I'm sure they really don't care about an owner either. We know they don't care about the owner's girlfriend's kids.

The clown in Nebraska? I'm strongly suspect he is eligible for a Darwin Award.


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Anonymous said...

Paul- I saw another news story today that made me think of you, the job of executive beer taster in Europe (I think England). Hope all is well with you! Lora Prill- Currie