Wednesday, May 27, 2009


The menu blurb for the Dubbel Play here at FSB reads as follows -

You'll get to first base with this Belgian-style dubbel ale pretty easily. The malt richness will be a big hit. The flavors of raisin, honey, and spice will be a an extra-base hit. Combine all that with it's alcohol warmth, and full body, and before you know it, you're glass will be looooong gone!

Here is what they need to add- This beer is damned good!

The 1/4" tan head disappeared within 2 minutes or so. On the nose, all the sweet tones were there. True to the raisin content, the color was a deep brown with a hint of purple. Very inviting. On the tongue, everything danced. Sweet honey, raisins and some spices (a mystery to me!) were all present. The malty finish and carbonation were perfectly balanced.

"Dubbel play?" No way. A home run for sure!

One minute left in the first period. No score.

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